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Who is Richard Rierson?

Richard Rierson is a well-known figure in the world of podcasting and leadership development. Based in Wichita, Kansas, he has earned a reputation as an inspiring coach and speaker on this subject. His podcast “Dose of Leadership” has gained an expansive following due to his captivating interviews with successful executives from different industries. 

With his vast experience and expertise in leadership development, Richard has become a sought-after speaker at conferences across America. Through coaching and podcasting, Richard hopes to motivate individuals towards greater excellence both personally and professionally.

Military Career

Richard Rierson joined the United States Marine Corps and underwent rigorous Officer Candidate School training for six months. During this period, he focused on honing the leadership, mental, physical, and moral qualities necessary to serve in the Marine Corps.

After his Infantry School training was complete, Richard embarked on flight school in 1993 and sharpened his aviation skills. As a Captain and Aircraft Commander, Richard has accrued an impressive 10,500 flight hours in various types of aircraft both military and commercial.

According to his personal website, Richard served in the United States Marine Corps for a decade before retiring to part-time service. He continued his military service by joining the Kansas Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve, where he continued serving for another ten years.

Richard Rierson epitomized the Marine Corps’ core values of honor, courage, and commitment throughout his military career. His commitment to serving his country and upholding these principles is a testament to his character as well as leadership abilities.

Richard’s time as a military officer has provided him with invaluable skills and insights that he has carried throughout his life. These lessons have enabled him to become an acclaimed entrepreneur, leadership coach, and podcast host; motivating others to reach their highest potential and strive for success.

Richard Rierson’s unwavering dedication to service and country is a testament to the values instilled in him during his time serving in the Marine Corps. His military career has made him into the successful individual he is today, inspiring others to strive for greatness just like him.

Transition to the Business World

Richard Rierson, a retired military officer, transitioned into business after leaving service. He started in hospitality management and quickly achieved success – managing 50 hotels with an employee base of over 250. His leadership abilities and commitment to excellence were recognized by the Wichita Business Journal, which named him one of their annual 40-Under-40 honorees in 2007. 

Rierson credits his military training with instilling in him a fierce sense of discipline and resolve, which he later applied to his work in the private sector. He proved to be a valuable asset to the hospitality industry, managing large teams and streamlining operations which resulted in increased profits and enhanced customer satisfaction. Rierson made the transition from military service to the business world without issue, displaying a natural talent for leadership and management. 

His service equipped him with an invaluable perspective and set of skills that he applied to his new career in hospitality management. Rierson’s success set the foundation for future endeavors and remains a respected leader and entrepreneur within the business community today.

Richard Rierson's transition to the business world
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Launch of “Dose of Leadership” Podcast

In 2012, Rierson launched the “Dose of Leadership” podcast with one goal in mind: to motivate and assist leaders in all aspects of their lives. The show quickly went viral, quickly becoming a hit. It features interviews with renowned leaders like Simon Sinek, Seth Godin, and Jocko Willink who share their stories, and advice on leadership. 

The podcast’s popularity stems from its practicality and inspiration – making it an indispensable resource for both aspiring and current leaders alike. Rierson’s podcast is a testament to his passion for leadership and desire to help others become even better leaders. With each episode, he imparts lessons in leadership that listeners can use to enhance both their personal and professional lives. Rierson’s guests come from diverse backgrounds, offering insightful perspectives on leadership that are both informative and thought-provoking. His ability to engage his guests and ask the right questions makes for a captivating podcast experience that leaves listeners feeling informed and inspired. 

Richard Rierson’s “Dose of Leadership” podcast is not just for business leaders. Anyone looking to hone their leadership skills and learn from successful individuals can benefit from it. His podcast has become a go-to resource for those seeking guidance and inspiration on their leadership journey. Rierson’s podcast success is a testament to his dedication and enthusiasm for leadership. As such, the “Dose of Leadership” podcast provides an invaluable resource for those seeking to hone their leadership abilities. Rierson’s passion for leadership and his desire to help others become better leaders is evident in each episode of his podcast. 

Filled with inspiring guests and practical advice, it provides a dose of leadership that listeners can use to reach their objectives and become even better leaders.

Leadership Coaching and Speaking

Rierson is an esteemed expert in leadership coaching and public speaking. His guidance has assisted countless individuals and organizations improve their leadership capabilities and reach their objectives. As such, Rierson’s knowledge and experience in this area are highly sought-after.

His coaching approach is tailored to each individual’s goals and creates a tailored plan to help them reach those objectives. He provides guidance, support, and accountability in order for his clients to stay motivated and reach their full potential.

Richard Rierson is an engaging public speaker whose speeches are tailored to his audience’s specific needs, using real-life examples to support his points. He truly engages his listeners and leaves them with lasting impressions. His speeches are highly sought-after by audiences worldwide.

His coaching and speaking have had a profound effect on the lives of many individuals and organizations. His clients have reported improved leadership abilities, increased productivity levels, and greater success in reaching their objectives.

His coaching and speaking services offer many advantages to individuals and organizations, such as helping them identify areas for improvement and crafting strategies to overcome problems. He encourages them to build on their strengths while simultaneously confronting any weaknesses – essential for achieving success.

His services offer another benefit, offering a fresh take on leadership. He encourages his clients to think differently and approach problems from an entirely new angle, often leading to breakthroughs and insights that would not have been possible without his guidance.

Richard Rierson leadership and speaking

 Philosophy and Approach

Rierson’s leadership approach focuses on cultivating trust through open communication and genuine connection. He understands that people work best when they feel heard and understood, so he strives to create an atmosphere that promotes collaboration and mutual respect.

His philosophy emphasizes the significance of self-reflection and personal growth. He believes that great leaders are ever learning and growing, thus encouraging his team members to adopt a growth mindset and strive for their own development objectives.

Rierson’s approach is founded on the notion of leading by example. He understands that actions speak louder than words, so he strives to model the behavior he wishes to see in others. This includes taking responsibility for errors, admitting when he doesn’t know all the answers, and demonstrating compassion and understanding towards those around him.

Rierson’s philosophy emphasizes collaboration, not one person having all the answers. To this end, he encourages his team members to share their perspectives openly and work towards a common goal together. By embracing diverse viewpoints and working towards an objective together, teams are likely to achieve greater success than any individual could on their own.

Rierson’s philosophy and approach are grounded in a deep respect for people and an ambition to foster healthy, lasting relationships. He understands that effective leadership isn’t just about achieving results; it’s also about creating a sense of purpose and belonging that drives employees to give their best effort.

Rierson emphasizes authenticity, vulnerability, and empathy to foster a culture of trust and respect that allows his team members to flourish. Whether leading a small team or leading an entire organization, his approach is always the same: people come first in order to achieve success.

Impact and Legacy

Rierson’s impact on leadership has been undeniable. His capacity for distilling complex ideas into straightforward messages has made him a go-to resource for many aspiring leaders. Through his podcast, he’s shared his lessons learned and wisdom with millions of listeners around the world – equipping them with the skills and mindset necessary to lead effectively.

One key message of Richard Rierson has been the significance of cultivating meaningful relationships with team members. He believes that leaders who take time to connect personally with their employees are better able to motivate and inspire them toward reaching their objectives. This philosophy has resonated with many listeners who have shared stories of how they have implemented Rierson’s advice in their organizations.

Rierson’s leadership style is marked by his emphasis on lifelong learning and improvement. He urges leaders to accept new challenges with open minds, even if that means making mistakes along the way. By staying curious and accommodating new ideas, he believes that leaders can continue to develop and progress throughout their careers.

Rierson’s impact has also been felt outside the business world. As an outspoken champion for social justice and environmental sustainability, he uses his platform to raise awareness and drive change. By inspiring others to get involved and make a positive difference in their own communities, he continues to inspire change for the better.

Looking ahead, Rierson’s legacy will likely be one of inspiration and empowerment. His messages of leadership and personal growth will resonate with people around the world, helping them become their best selves. By encouraging individuals to take ownership of their lives and pursue what they love most, he has created a movement that will continue to have an uplifting effect on generations yet unborn.


In conclusion, Richard Rierson’s contributions to leadership cannot be overstated. Drawing upon his background in the Marine Corps and experience as a coach and podcast host, he has helped people become better leaders through authenticity and empathy, qualities essential for building strong relationships and teams. Furthermore, Rierson’s influence extends far beyond his own work; others have taken up his philosophy and made positive impacts within their communities. Ultimately, the legacy of Richard Rierson as both leader and coach will endure for years to come.

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