Mohamed Zeyara and His Pius Project Team

Mohamed Zeyara and The Pius Projects Raising Funds to Rebuild Gaza

Mohamed Zeyara and His Pius Project Team
After the devastation of Gaza that led to over 240 deaths, Mohamed Zeyara and Pius Projects are providing food, health care, psychological support, and community rebuilding efforts to revive the city 

Medical doctor Mohamed Zeyara is a personality inspiring millions of people and touching lives in several places across the world. His humanitarian activities have helped built schools, provide shelter, improved health facilities, and delivered food to those who’re desperately in need. 

Recently, the city of Gaza was bombarded by Israeli forces. According to reports, the incident led to the death of more than 240 people, including 66 children. Families are torn apart, buildings are razed to the ground, people are rendered homeless, and critical infrastructure is completely damaged, making it difficult to live. 

Mohamed Zeyara and the team at Pius Projects started a fundraising and humanitarian project to help reduce the pain and sorrow of the people who are injured, left without a roof, and completely devastated by the attacks on the city of Gaza. The project is in three phases, and the hope is to reach as many as possible, helping to raise them back up from their pain and anguish. 

The project’s first phase is to provide medical aid, psychological support, and food for people. Doctors and health workers will attend to the sick and wounded, providing them with medical help, medicine, and other clinical support so they can begin the healing process. For everyone at risk of mental health issues, the project will provide them with psychological backing through well-trained and experienced professionals. Food will be provided for everyone, including men, women, and children. The attacks have affected people in Gaza so much that they have little or no access to food. 

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The days of bombardment in Gaza left many houses and homes in partial or total ruin. At present, things are still a bit difficult to assess. Once the situation on the ground is calm, the Gaza project will initiate the second phase, which will involve rebuilding homes that were damaged. The idea is to help families resettle and regroup so that they can get back to normal life. Some of the buildings that will be restored are businesses or commercial structures. The enterprises operating in the city will begin their services again so that life can gradually return to Gaza. 

Many communities were affected by the destruction and demolishment of Gaza City. The ancient city is always very busy with activities, engagements, and lifestyles that involve the citizens. To rebuild the Gaza communities, Mohamed Zeyara and his Pius Projects team will be helping to support the security of the people. They will also be revitalizing economic and social structures and assisting people who have become refugees in nearby locations to begin returning to their homes. They will also be supporting reconciliation to build friendship, support, and engagement among citizens. Such activities will help encourage more people to participate in social, economic, and political activities in the city for the growth and development of society. 

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Apart from the Gaza city project, Mohamed Zeyara and the Pius Projects team are raising funds to support different causes and community support efforts worldwide. For example, they provide food and water for people in Mali, emergency relief and food baskets in Ethiopia, small business support for farmers in Chad, and free eye surgery in Pakistan to help children and adults regain their sight. 

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