LifeStyleRick Vermillion shares low-maintenance front yard landscaping tips to...

Rick Vermillion shares low-maintenance front yard landscaping tips to add curb appeal to your home in Colorado Springs


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Rick Vermillion is sharing ways to spruce up your curb appeal with low-maintenance landscaping ideas for your front yard. A recent study has shown that landscaping can increase your home’s perceived value by up to 15%. Your front yard is what people see when they pass your home or come up to it.

Colorado Springs residents who want to have the best yard on the block without the upkeep of regular maintenance, these projects can be completed in a weekend and are affordable.

Decorative Stone

A lush lawn looks great, but it is very hard work. Decorative stone is virtually maintenance-free in Colorado Springs and other surrounding areas. To have the best backyard on the block, you don’t necessarily need to be a gardener. Rick Vermillion and his team will lay natural stone that acts as a weed repellant, so you won’t need to gas up your lawnmower again. It is a great solution for decorating areas where your grass won’t grow. Your landscape will be beautiful no matter the season. Stone is a very popular choice for Colorado Springs residents. You can also choose colors that match your home’s aesthetic.

Rick Vermillion Colorado Springs landscaping
Rick Vermillion and his team shared this recent project that was completed in Colorado Springs. The homeowners choose this decorative stone to match the aesthetics and provide a low-maintenance option year-round.

Installing solar lighting

Landscape lights are both solar-powered and affordable. You can pick the colors you like, place them near your walkway or border a garden and let them power up at night.

Rick Vermillion and his team of landscaping professionals can add unique features like lighting that recesses in walkways or faux rocks that blend seamlessly with the landscape with integrated lights.

Remodel a bed border

You can change the appearance of your flowerbeds simply by updating or refreshing their borders. Depending on your home’s style, you can use pre-made blocks, pavers, or natural stones.

Groundcovers can be used to hide inaccessible areas.

Landscapes can have many purposes. They can be used for shade, screens, windbreaks, or both. They can also be used as specimens, hedges, and barriers. Rick Vermillion and his team have created groups of trailing plants to cover any problem areas in your yard. Groundcovers are plants that grow low and cover the ground. Groundcovers can be used to prevent soil erosion, stabilize slopes, and provide seasonal flowering.

Groundcovers can grow in any kind of light, even partial shade.

Plant perennial shrubs directly in front of your house

Perennials require less maintenance each year. By not having to clean out and plant flower beds every year, homeowners can save time, money, energy, and effort. They won’t need to be replanted each year.

Perennial roots are good for soil structure as they remain in the soil and can be replanted every year. The roots help water flow more efficiently through the soil by channeling water. This is an advantage for perennials and other plants that live in the area.

Rick Vermillion suggests that you plant perennials for ground cover to retain soil moisture. These perennials can be planted in winter to protect the soil from the sun and cover it. Many perennials can easily be propagated through division and replanting.

Shade trees can be planted

You can make your home a more beautiful place by planting mature trees in your landscaping. Rick Vermillion says that shade trees can increase the value of your home, especially if you intend to sell it. Planting shade trees can make your front yard more attractive in the spring, summer, and fall, which are the most popular seasons for home buyers.

Hire a local landscaper

There are many benefits to hiring a local landscaping company. Not only will it make your yard stand out, but it can also provide follow-up visits and consultations.

Each area has its own soil, weather, requirements, and unique landscape. Rick Vermillion and his Colorado Springs landscaping professionals have been working with the same soil conditions for years. They are able to instantly assess the terrain and determine what is best. 

Get in touch with Rick Vermillion today to schedule a consultation

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