ST Engineering and Findings Partner to Offer Supply Chain Cybersecurity Management Solutions

FINDINGS, the supply chain automation company, announced today that it is officially partnered with STE, the leading cybersecurity services and critical infrastructure provider in Singapore, to supply its innovative vendor monitoring, assessment, and audit automation tools – managed by ST Infosecurity experts.

STE clients can now use vendor cybersecurity assessment, audit, continuous monitoring, and gap management solutions across their entire supply chain – provided with managed services options by ST Infosecurity experts.

Recently, a new CSA framework was published (CSA CII), indicating directives and evolving regulations for managing the supply chain – in various sectors, including the local critical infrastructure (CI), banking, and others.

Long-tail cybersecurity risks are risks created by the increasing frequency of unforeseen and/or unique cybersecurity attacks targeting companies’ various supply chain elements that are less protected than the enterprise itself. Potentially, these long-tail risks can not only derail the most vital business operations of an organization but also disrupt entire market segments.

Using Findings technology, STE clients can rapidly scan, assess, verify,  monitor, prioritize, and get actionable plans for each vendor to support fast scaling and adopting a safer supply chain – all in alignment with the evolving regulatory requirements in Singapore, APAC region, and global frameworks.

As part of this service, Findings also partnered with Risk Recon, a MasterCard Company, to offer real-time scans; alongside Findings’ Cloud Monitoring technology, users can now benefit from a complete picture of vendor cybersecurity posture without engaging it, thereby shortening sales and business cycles.

“Maintaining a healthy, cyber-secured supply chain is a challenging task when it comes to large and multi-jurisdictional supply chain risks,” says Kobi Freedman, Founder and CEO of Findings, “With new regulatory changes and ever-growing directives, enterprises must adopt new frameworks quickly, reach out to their entire ‘long-tail’ and be able to dynamically act upon contextualized findings and gaps – and that is exactly what Findings enables – scalable, effective solution for all of your long-tail monitoring requirements. Partnering with ST Infosecurity, as a global leader, will help our regional customers achieve their goals faster while scaling their supply chain visibility and complying with regulation.”

“This partnership enhances our managed service offerings to help customers automate the monitoring of their supply chain,” says Mr. Goh Eng Choon, President of Cyber at ST Engineering. “Combining Findings’ technology with our cybersecurity expertise, we bring enterprises a first-of-its-kind solution in Singapore that enables the entire cyber supply chain to be managed at the highest security standards. In line with the newly released CSA Critical Information Infrastructure Supply Chain Programme, this provides a timely assessment for enterprises to plug gaps and work towards a successful supply chain monitoring programme.”

Who could benefit from the ST Infosecurity and Findings assessment and Continuous Monitoring solution?

This cost-effective and scalable solution, fully customizable to the user’s risk program, provides best practices and customized capabilities for all stakeholders –  enterprises, vendors, and their supply chain alike, who want to maintain high standards of supply chain monitoring across the engagement life cycle: from onboarding and periodic assessments, through continuous monitoring and automated control maturity verification.

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