MetAlert Extinguishes Toxic Debt And Launches New Medical

MetAlert (OTC: MLRT) took a significant step forward in the fourth quarter of 2022 by eliminating all toxic convertible notes from its balance sheet. This move, along with improved guidance to operations, provides investors with increased stability to the public float. In addition, MetAlert is launching new medical devices geared toward the geriatric and autism healthcare markets. With these developments, a recent report price targets MetAlert now at $1 per share.

What is Toxic Debt?

Toxic debt, also known as variable convertible notes (VCN), is a form of debt that sometimes converts at deep discounts to market price. This type of debt can significantly contribute to shareholder dilution and price instability for small issuers – making it quite dangerous for a company’s financial health. Fortunately for MetAlert shareholders, the company successfully extinguished all toxic debt from their balance sheets in Q4 2022.

MetAlert’s New Medical Devices

MetAlert is also launching several new medical devices for the geriatric and autism healthcare markets. Launching these new devices should help fulfill current backorders and increase revenues in the coming months as production ramps up due to an influx of chips in Q4 2022. One example is MetAlert’s announcement of distributing, RoomMate, a new technology that allows in-home care for autism or the elderly with motion sensors for activity and fall detection that allows families to monitor their loved ones while protecting privacy.

MetAlert Is a Company with Projected Growth and a Price Target of $1

MetAlert’s decision to extinguish all toxic convertible notes from their balance sheet was an ambitious one that has ultimately paid off for shareholders. The decision, combined with improved guidance operations and the launch of new medical devices, indicates that now may be an excellent time for investors to take advantage of this opportunity before prices surge further due to increased demand for the type of innovative healthcare products Metalert offers. Given all recent developments, it’s not surprising that a recent report from Ludlow Research placed the new price target for MetAlert shares is $1 per share.

MetAlert – (OTC: MLRT)

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