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Dominic Siwik, Exercise Science Expert Published in SurveyNow

Dominic Siwik, a fitness science expert, has published a new article that outlines the exercise statistics for 2023. Siwik provides a detailed overview of the state of American residents’ physical activity and breaks it down by age.

“Despite all the disturbing statistics and studies about exercise that are flooding medical journals, people continue to live their lives as they are. This is a trend that has grown since the second half of the 20th century.” Dominic Siwik stated. “It is now a modern-day disease. It is a condition that threatens the health and well-being of modern-age people.”

Dominic Siwik was raised in Troy, Michigan. He is currently studying Exercise Science at Michigan State University. He has worked in many different settings including rehabilitation programs, community centers, and hospital-based health and wellness programs.

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Dominic is a Troy-based fitness and nutrition specialist. His passion for fitness is shared through circuit-style classes and resistance training, which improve muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. Dominic Siwik loves to cheer on Michigan State sports and make motivational videos for others.

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