Social Network Curation and Live System Service TweetVision is Finally Available in English

Tokyo-based web and video production firm Monster Dive Inc is pleased to announce that their web service TweetVision is now supporting the English language. TweetVision is a SaaS system that allows users to gather tweets with specific hashtags and integrate them into live-streaming programs and online event videos.

Built in Japan, TweetVision has been utilized for numerous major corporate promotional events and popular online shows and has frequently ranked on Twitter Trend. Recently, it has been garnering attention as a promotional tool, which gathers tweets from viewers in real-time.

A platform is a revolutionary tool that allows users to turn that hashtag into something trending. Users can easily realize productions that let viewers participate. The voices of viewers are heard on videos in real-time and help to liven up the events.

That interactive feature brings engaging communication between the organizers and casts as well as users to life and adds a sense of liveliness element to the content.

What’s more, sharing information has never been easy with TweetVision. Users can look to get their event trending on Twitter by seeking tweets that include a specific hashtag as their events liven up. They can also get even more likes, retweets, and tweets from users who see the tweet displayed on TweetVision, enabling them to realize naturally-occurring SNS promotions.

It’s also simple to introduce and operate without the need to develop. As the platform’s operations are finished using a browser, there’s no need for any particular software or hardware. On top of that, with its advanced operation screen UI, even beginners can easily use the technology to pick and display tweets.

The best part here is the platform is cost-competitive to use. It can be effortlessly introduced for a low cost and with a low burden on operation. After the user sets up everything, the only thing they need to do is click to use the technology. Using the “automatic collection function” enables them to use the platform unmanned for their actual events.

During the contract period, they can also adjust their target hashtags at any time they want. That means it’s possible to use it for numerous events under a single contract.

Also, the tweet output screen or also known as the vision screen, enables the user to choose from numerous layouts. That means it can be introduced to suit the situation you need, from TV broadcasts, online streaming, or even signage. On top of that, users can change the design to fit their event’s view by organizing unique images in the background.

Since its launch in 2020, TweetVision has established a proven track record of introducing a variety of online events and live-streaming genres. That extends from entertainment content like live broadcasts, musical festival streaming, online programs, and broadcasts of press releases for new products to business purposes.

TweetVision is not just a service limited to live streaming, but can also be used for screen projection at various event venues as well as TV broadcasts.

The platform does not need any professional equipment. All that a user needs to run is a stable internet connection and a browser to produce interactive events and programs. Anyone can also sign up for TweetVision through their official website. One can sign up at any time through a free trial service. The basic plan is currently available for 150,000 yen (without tax), and credit card payments are supported.

TweetVision’s English version means that more program and event production companies globally can use the service. Monster Drive, Inc. hopes that the increasing number of Twitter-linked programs and promotional events will offer fans even more thrilling and fun experiences.

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