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Modern Merch Earbuds: How do they Stack Up?

In a world where modern, chic, and unique electronics are hot in demand, Modern Merch is increasingly making a name for itself. Established in 2020, Modern Merch has succeeded in impressing and winning the hearts of many with their products, one of which is the Modern Merch earbuds.

Technological advancements have fueled the growth of wireless earphones. Also, rising consumer inclination towards stylish and attractive designs has changed how people listen to their music. 

The styling and portability of earbuds have made them popular among young people, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts. As expected, they drive the market. In fact, wireless earphones dominated the earphones and headphones market with a share of 76.2% in 2020. This is thanks to the introduction of truly wireless earbuds, as well as the technological advancements in the Bluetooth connectivity of wireless devices.

To give the end-users what they truly want with all the styles and spice, Modern Merch offers its earbuds, which are amazing on different levels. Modern Merch prides its earbuds as 2021 generation wireless Bluetooth earbuds; here’s what they have to offer.

Modern Merch Earbuds- What To Expect

If you love music and would like to enjoy it without any barrier, Modern Merch earbuds are your best bet. Its transmission level is 170 feet, which means you can move around without any interruption. The buds also have automatic Bluetooth connections. 

Modern Merch earbuds have impressive sound quality. They weigh only 5.3oz and fit comfortably, plus they stay in place when you are actively engaged, maybe exercising or some other activity. 

They are also water-resistant, which means sweat from your morning run/workout sessions or rain won’t damage them. They also feature an intelligent noise/ environment filtering technology that makes your conversations feel like they are face to face.

They only take one to two hours to charge fully, while you can go on to play your music for about four and a half straight hours. The earbuds have a standby time of 120 hours. 

Also, you can charge the earbuds in two convenient ways – they support wired charging and wireless charging, and they automatically power off and charge in the charging box. 

Another interesting feature is the touch controls which facilitate ease of use. You can use them to play or pause music, skip music, receive and end calls. Dozens of functions are facilitated with the updated touch function.

Modern Merch wireless earbuds are compatible with both apple and android devices, as well as all Bluetooth-compatible devices. With all their amazing features, they are available for $99.95.

Additional Information

Modern Merch wireless earbuds online store brims with high-quality products to meet end-users expectations as a true definition of quality, luxe, and exclusivity. Their seamless shopping experience and affordability are ones you’ll also find interesting.

According to the website, when you place an order, you receive your package in 4 to 7 days. All orders have “Live Contracts Shipping Protection.” This means that if your item gets stolen, lost, or broken after being shipped from Modern Merch, Live Contacts will cover its cost. 

Also, On My Way App users enjoy discounted prices on Modern Merch products when they shop through the popular text and driving solutions provider. With On My Way, users can use their earnings to shop exclusive sales only available on the platform. You can also enjoy this exclusive discount and save cash when you shop Modern Merch earbuds through their partner, the On My Way app.  

Note that all sales are final. You can’t cancel an order once it is placed, and Modern Merch does not offer refunds, exchanges, or returns.

However, as a fast-rising brand interested in keeping its customers fully satisfied, Modern Merch offers genuine customer service to entertain all feedback and complaints. You can be sure that there’s so much to gain from Modern Merch wireless earbuds. 

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