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Jonas Tellis of Birmingham Explains: How to Get an Adult High School Diploma

While it may be hard to show the intrinsic value of education, there are many other ways that it has manifested. Statistics by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics show that education attainment can favor an individual in the job market. In this article, Dr. Jonas Tellis of Birmingham, Alabama explains how to get an adult high school diploma.

Jonas Tellis has spent years as the coordinator of marketing and recruitment for Graduate Studies at Alabama A&M University. Jonas Tellis, a native of Birmingham, Alabama. He is the CEO of Tellis Educational Services and serves on its board of directors.

“Adults with high school diplomas can get weekly earnings of up to $712, whereas persons with less than this get an average of $520 weekly. The higher your education qualifications, the higher your income. In fact, people with a higher level of education are less likely to stay unemployed.” Jonas Tellis stated.

“Investing in your studies is worth it. For this reason, I founded Tellis Education Services to help adults to get high school diplomas. Adult school programs have been instrumental in assisting adults in catching up with education and improving their living standards.” Jonas Tellis added. 

Dr. Jonas Tellis AAMU

Many people didn’t get the chance to complete high school years back, whether from distractions or influence outside their control. Adult education classes could help you earn a high school diploma.

How to get an adult high school diploma

1. Reach out to an adult education provider

Talking to adult education providers like me would be an excellent place to start. An adult education provider will be in an excellent position to advise you on the options available. You will be given an in-depth insight into the two main options available for continuing education for adults. 

“That is taking a high school equivalency test and attending an adult high school. An education provider will help you understand what to expect from the two options. At Tellis Educational Services, we are a fully accredited 8-week high school diploma program focused on providing Birmingham adults with the tools they need to further their education.” Said Jonas Tellis.

2. Evaluate the legitimacy of the program

Some learning institutions sell fake credentials to learners. To avoid falling victim to this, look for schools that offer legitimate diploma programs and certificates. There are several state agencies that you can use to assess the legitimacy of the adult diploma programs.

3. Consider the costs

One of the issues that lead to learners halting their studies is financial constraints. You need to evaluate if pursuing an adult high school diploma will fit your financial plans. Look whether there are scholarship opportunities for the program. Consider if the program schedule provides flexibility for taking part-time jobs.

“Look whether the tuition fees is also affordable to you. Will the living expenses incurred in the process fit your financial plans? At this point, you can look at the transport and accommodation costs around the school.” Explains Jonas Tellis.

4. Check if the school fits your academic aspirations

The high school diploma programs may vary with schools. Evaluate whether the program being offered will challenge you enough and prepare you for your majors. Before you enroll, confirm that the program’s design will meet your academic needs and help you enroll in colleges and pursue further education. 


Getting a high school diploma is beneficial for your career development. Ensure that you get a legitimate program by enrolling in a legitimate school that will provide you with the resources you need. 

Take time to research before you decide on the school to enroll in. Confirm the legitimacy of their programs and start your high school diploma journey. 

For more information on getting an adult high school diploma, visit the website of Jonas Tellis.

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