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What Do Librarians Do with Old Books?

One of the most common questions librarians get from visitors is what to do with old books. If you have an old stack, you have options like donating your old books to friends and the library or selling books.

What’s interesting is that libraries do something of the sort. Libraries go through their collection from time to time and remove books to create space for new books. 

We had whole classes for book collection management through my library management training, and weeding was among the topics we covered.

Weeding in simple terms is the removal of books: so what happens when old books are weeded?  

They Are Recycled

If the books are considered harmful to the environment, they are not thrown away. If librarians prefer the recycling option, they first have to sort the old books. Paperback books are taken to the proper recycle pickups. If there are hardcover books, the cover must be removed first as they contain plastics and glue.

Libraries then take books to government and commercial recycling centers.

Donation to Friends of The Library

If the books have not fallen apart, librarians donate them to Friends of the Library instead of recycling them. It is a charitable organization funded by proceeds from book sales and dues paid by members.

The organization accepts donations in books and, for this reason, partners with libraries. When librarians withdraw some old books from the shelves, they donate them to Friends of the Library.

Libraries also partner with Better World Books to help them sell them to generate revenue through commission. Through the proceeds, Better World Books also supports literacy initiatives. Libraries partnering with the organization take pride in being part of the initiatives.

Giving Them Away

Sometimes, libraries may decide to give away the books. However, they are keen on ensuring that the collection they give out does not contain outdated information that would be considered misleading.

Most libraries give out the books online on platforms like Freecycle.org and Craigsist.org. There are tons of other outlets and options libraries leverage to give out the books for free or even at a cost. Libraries also give out books to prisons as they serve as a vital source of information to the inmates.

Some schools, like elementary schools, are also usually in need of books.

Selling the Books

Librarians also sell old books to persons who may be interested. Selling the old collection may as well be an extra revenue stream to fund the institution’s operations.


While throwing away books may be the first option for getting rid of old collections for most people, it is undoubtedly not for libraries. So before they resort to that, they often explore options such as donating and selling.

Librarians partner with different organizations to sell books and use the proceeds for a charitable cause. They also donate to schools and prisons where books are in high demand.

If the books have fallen apart, they mostly decide to recycle them.

Jason Feintuch Helps Answer if AI Can Generate a Successful Corporate Strategy?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken almost every sector out there by a storm. The most complex of all tasks is now simplified by artificial intelligence, delivering excellent results. AI has now also ventured into the corporate world – and automating corporate strategies is the next big thing.

But the question is – can AI be used to generate a successful corporate strategy? Can it help address the dynamic requirements of the corporate world? New York financial director Jason Feintuch provides insight that may be beneficial.

Artificial Intelligence is more of data gathering, programming, and mathematics. It takes a lot of effort to curate with AI strategies, irrespective of the application. For automating corporate strategies, too, AI strategists need to consider different aspects such as the nature of the business, expectations of the business owners, as well as the existing trends in the workflow of the business. With the involvement of these and so many other aspects, AI strategies for the corporate may not even be successful in the first go, but with time and a lot of effort, the initial hiccups can always be overcome.

With a flexible approach, many corporate requirements such as credit risk models, customer segmentation, legislative risk models, trading algorithms, recommender segments, and a lot many important tasks in the corporate world are now automated with the help of AI.

AI has gone a step ahead and is now also being looked up to as an important tool to serve the management of organizations. AI-based tools help with forecasting and decision making, which explains why they are currently trending in the corporate world.

While AI has been around in the corporate world for a long time now, it is time to take it a notch higher. Financial expert Jason Feintuch states that we can now expect AI to creep into key corporate strategy discussions, too. Of course, this comes with its set of challenges as well, which include dataset handling tools, automated machine learning, and interpretability. Let’s have a look at each of these issues:

Dataset Handling Tools

Handling datasets with minimal human intervention is one of the major issues AI grapples with. But with modern solutions, prebuilt-datasets and models are readily available. These datasets can then be put to use to create strategies in different sectors.

Automated Machine Learning

Building machine learning models currently requires a range of experts through the entire process – this includes machine learning engineers, development engineers, as well as data scientists. With automated machine learning, the process will be seamless. Most of these profiles would not be a part of the process at all, minimizing human intervention.


This is another roadblock that hinders the application of AI in different sectors. Humans need to understand the core of how AI functions, how it learns from the data, how it thinks, and how it makes decisions. Currently, AI researchers are working to address these interpretability issues to make AI more easily understandable and applicable.

We definitely cannot wait until each of these problems is resolved to continue building better, effective, and seamless AI strategies. Rather, we need to look for ways and means to try and incorporate AI strategies to enhance the business workflow. It’s not long before AI strategies are going to be increasingly common in corporate strategies.

Summing Up

AI is currently helping organizations understand how to combine human and machine intelligence to get the best of both worlds. Research, analysis, and ultimately, the application is key for the successful implementation of any AI strategy. Seeking assistance from AI experts, such as Jason Feintuch can definitely help revolutionize your organization by implementing apt AI corporate strategies. You can learn more about Jason here.

Blunt Splenic Trauma Summary


Blunt trauma to the spleen occurs when the spleen is subjected to a significant impact from an external source. These sources vary from knife wounds, gunshots, falls, and automobile accidents. The consequence of this trauma is a ruptured spleen, which has serious implications and can be fatal if left unattended and thus, needs to be treated immediately.

Before we talk about blunt splenic trauma, let’s understand the anatomy and function of the spleen.

Where is the Spleen Located and What Is Its Function?

You’d find the spleen in the top right quadrant of your abdomen. It sits well behind the rib cage and is protected by 9-12th ribs. The spleen has many important functions – these include removing and filtering red blood cells that don’t function well. The spleen also helps catch bacteria and produce antibodies, making it an essential part of our bodies. The main blood supply source of the spleen is the splenic artery.

What Happens in the Case of Blunt Trauma to the Spleen?

The symptoms of a ruptured spleen vary based on the injury or impact caused. While some patients complain of unexplained pain in the upper left quadrant, others with a major impact typically report major hemorrhage. Depending on the extent of the injury, the patients can be broadly classified into two categories – hemodynamically stable and hemodynamically unstable. The patient is categorized into either of the categories based on their vital signs, such as blood pressure and heart rate.

An experienced trauma surgeon can quickly identify the extent of the trauma caused due to the injury with the help of a CT scan or an ultrasound if required. Exploratory laparotomy is also opted for in cases of severe hemorrhage, but the probability of an exploratory laparotomy is rare. Depending on the severity of the trauma, the patient needs to be observed in the ICU (or general ward). The vitals of the patient needs close monitoring, along with a series of blood tests and abdominal examinations.

How Is Blunt Splenic Trauma Treated?

The splenic trauma is either operated upon or managed non-operatively – the call for the line of treatment is always taken by the trauma surgeon considering different factors such as the nature of the splenic injury, its evolution, and various tests results. The surgeon needs to be prepared 24/7 to operate on the patient in case bleeding persists. In some cases, bleeding recurs after a period of stability, and in such scenarios, too, surgeons operate on the patient.

The surgery for removing the spleen is known as ‘splenectomy,’ which has been the traditional line of treatment for blunt trauma to the spleen. Newer, lesser invasive treatments include embolization and blocking the hemorrhaging blood vessels. The ruptured spleen can be repaired with these non-operative measures, but splenectomy is still the primary surgical treatment. Despite all the new measures, splenectomy remains one of the most preferred and successful lines of treatment for blunt splenic trauma.

Both lines of treatment come with their own risks and complications. During operative procedures, the probability of damage to the peripheral organs is high, which may lead to additional issues. These non-operative procedures come with a risk of delayed bleeding, which ultimately leads to the trauma surgeon opting for splenectomy.

Only skilled trauma surgeons like Doctor Jay Johannigan can treat blunt splenic injuries in a skilled manner. With 40 years of experience, this trauma and critical care surgeon studied medicine with a Post Doctorate in Trauma and Critical Care. He has also been part of the Cincinnati-trained elite Air Force medical teams. Every patient under his care is treated with the utmost skill, leading to thousands of lives saved. For his work in the field, Dr. Jay Johannigan has also received numerous awards and recognition in the field of trauma care. 

David Singleton of Maplewood, MN On The Benefits of Reserve Police Officers


Reducing the Cost of Crime Through Reserve Police Officers and Volunteer Citizen Patrol

Law enforcement agencies have been committed and dedicated to protecting citizens and maintaining a safe society. Their work is not the easiest as it can sometimes become time-consuming and get tedious. While they serve a crucial role in society, most governments lack the funds to have adequate manpower. The shortage of police or law enforcement officers impedes law enforcement agencies’ ability to carry out their tasks effectively. David Singleton of Maplewood, MN explains how the city can benefit by reducing costs, adding manpower, and freeing up officers to increase training procedures.

For this reason, law enforcement agencies have come with several innovations to help them serve society adequately. We are talking about law enforcement technologies and even the use of reserve police officers and volunteer citizen patrols. The new and redefined ideas have come with tons of benefits. Reserve officers can be potential recruits, military veterans, retired or former officers, and persons from the private sector. Volunteer citizen patrol volunteers to help the police with law enforcement meet the law enforcement challenges being faced by the community. 

Here is how the cost of crime has been reduced through volunteer citizen patrol and reserve police officers.

reserve police officers

1. Balancing the community needs amidst financial constraints

David Singleton states “The demand for law enforcement agencies is always high. There are tons of agencies today. However, the problem comes in that only a small fraction of them have been sworn in. These are unable to meet the needs of the community adequately.” 

While addressing the financial obligations that come with the swearing-in of more personnel, the engagement of reserve police officers and volunteer citizen patrol has helped law enforcement meet the community’s ever-growing needs. Reserve officers complement the sworn officers saving the law enforcement agencies a lot of costs both in benefits and salaries. 

2. Small agencies with smaller budgets are able to meet the needs of the community adequately

While some agencies may have the money to hire private investigators and other law enforcement skills, the smaller agencies may lack the capacity. This can get in the way of their ability to meet the growing needs of the community effectively. 

According to David Singleton, Skilled reserves come in handy, helping the smaller agencies that may be unable to put specialized law enforcement skills on their payroll. When the need for the different skills arises, the agencies can count on the reserve officers and volunteer citizen patrol to take care of the hand’s tasks without having the financial burden. 

3. Military veterans

Military veterans serving as reserve officers provide law enforcement agencies with a cost advantage. Note that the military veterans have information and superior skills that the agencies would have to pay a lot more if they were to swear them. Serving as reserve officers, the military veterans bring knowledge, information, and skill to the table at a minimal cost. 

In Conclusion

Reserve police officers and volunteer citizen patrol complement law enforcement, bringing extraordinary skillsets and support at minimal costs as stated by David Singleton of Maplewood, MN. This has helped the agencies serve society adequately without straining their finances. Reserve police officers and volunteer patrol will continue bridging the gap in skill, experiences, and cost.

About David A. Singleton

The Honorable David A. Singleton was born in raised in St. Paul Minnesota. He started his work in Maplewood, Minnesota in 2017 when he was appointed by the Maplewood City Council 2017 to the Police Use of Force Advisory Board.

Modern Merch Earbuds: How do they Stack Up?


In a world where modern, chic, and unique electronics are hot in demand, Modern Merch is increasingly making a name for itself. Established in 2020, Modern Merch has succeeded in impressing and winning the hearts of many with their products, one of which is the Modern Merch earbuds.

Technological advancements have fueled the growth of wireless earphones. Also, rising consumer inclination towards stylish and attractive designs has changed how people listen to their music. 

The styling and portability of earbuds have made them popular among young people, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts. As expected, they drive the market. In fact, wireless earphones dominated the earphones and headphones market with a share of 76.2% in 2020. This is thanks to the introduction of truly wireless earbuds, as well as the technological advancements in the Bluetooth connectivity of wireless devices.

To give the end-users what they truly want with all the styles and spice, Modern Merch offers its earbuds, which are amazing on different levels. Modern Merch prides its earbuds as 2021 generation wireless Bluetooth earbuds; here’s what they have to offer.

Modern Merch Earbuds- What To Expect

If you love music and would like to enjoy it without any barrier, Modern Merch earbuds are your best bet. Its transmission level is 170 feet, which means you can move around without any interruption. The buds also have automatic Bluetooth connections. 

Modern Merch earbuds have impressive sound quality. They weigh only 5.3oz and fit comfortably, plus they stay in place when you are actively engaged, maybe exercising or some other activity. 

They are also water-resistant, which means sweat from your morning run/workout sessions or rain won’t damage them. They also feature an intelligent noise/ environment filtering technology that makes your conversations feel like they are face to face.

They only take one to two hours to charge fully, while you can go on to play your music for about four and a half straight hours. The earbuds have a standby time of 120 hours. 

Also, you can charge the earbuds in two convenient ways – they support wired charging and wireless charging, and they automatically power off and charge in the charging box. 

Another interesting feature is the touch controls which facilitate ease of use. You can use them to play or pause music, skip music, receive and end calls. Dozens of functions are facilitated with the updated touch function.

Modern Merch wireless earbuds are compatible with both apple and android devices, as well as all Bluetooth-compatible devices. With all their amazing features, they are available for $99.95.

Additional Information

Modern Merch wireless earbuds online store brims with high-quality products to meet end-users expectations as a true definition of quality, luxe, and exclusivity. Their seamless shopping experience and affordability are ones you’ll also find interesting.

According to the website, when you place an order, you receive your package in 4 to 7 days. All orders have “Live Contracts Shipping Protection.” This means that if your item gets stolen, lost, or broken after being shipped from Modern Merch, Live Contacts will cover its cost. 

Also, On My Way App users enjoy discounted prices on Modern Merch products when they shop through the popular text and driving solutions provider. With On My Way, users can use their earnings to shop exclusive sales only available on the platform. You can also enjoy this exclusive discount and save cash when you shop Modern Merch earbuds through their partner, the On My Way app.  

Note that all sales are final. You can’t cancel an order once it is placed, and Modern Merch does not offer refunds, exchanges, or returns.

However, as a fast-rising brand interested in keeping its customers fully satisfied, Modern Merch offers genuine customer service to entertain all feedback and complaints. You can be sure that there’s so much to gain from Modern Merch wireless earbuds. 

The Best Solar Companies in Las Cruces, NM


As stated above, we recommend that consumers interested in the best solar companies in Las Cruces, NM talk to at least three licensed solar contractors. You need to evaluate the experience of each installer as they know the precise costs involved in installation along with the local codes and permissions required.

New Mexico Water & Electric

Southern New Mexico-based owners and licensed contractors with New Mexico Water and Electric are not only fully qualified and experienced with the installation of all types of solar energy systems, but they are also one of the top electricians in Las Cruces, NM. Fully versed in both the benefits and often misleading information relating to the current federal rebate program and other available support for solar panel installation. 

New Mexico Water & Electric Headquarters

10849 NM-152

Hillsboro, NM 88042

YellowBird Solar

YellowBird Solar started in the heating and cooling business. Their services include commercial and residential solar installation and repair. As the business started to evolve, YellowBird Solar was developed. 

YellowBird Solar headquarters

351 N 17th St. Suite 2
Las Cruces, NM 88005

Organ Mountain Solar & Electric 

Organ Mountain Solar & Electric is based in Las Cruces and serves a variety of Southern New Mexico cities. Organ Mountain Solar has electricians in-house, solar certified, and licensed for commercial and residential projects. 

Organ Mountain Solar & Electric Headquarters

400 S Compress Rd.Suite D

Las Cruces, New Mexico 88005

NM Solar Group

NM Solar Group is based out of Albuquerque and Alamogordo. NM Solar Group will travel almost anywhere in New Mexico to install solar panels and currently has the ability to do a virtual quote via video.

NM Solar Group Headquarters

4140 Jackie Rd SE

Rio Rancho, NM 87124

Decide on how you will be financing it. From loans to leases, you can opt for a wide range of services. When searching for the best solar companies in Las Cruces, NM, you should perform your own due diligence. We recommend contacting local, reputable, and popular Las Cruces solar companies like New Mexico Water & Electric to get a reasonable quote right away!

Digital marketing trends 2021: What to expect


It doesn’t matter what your industry is, or what products and services you offer – digital marketing trends cannot be ignored. Not so long ago, companies needed little more than a website and a Facebook page, but now, the digital landscape is evolving so quickly that it’s hard to keep up.

According to NewReputation, the current estimation is that global ad spending will reach $605 billion in 2021.

With the massive amount of people using the internet to buy products, let’s review some digital marketing trends that will continue in 2021.

1. Voice is going to continue to rise

The advances made in recent years in the fields of natural language processing, conversation interfaces, automation, and machine learning, and deep learning processes have enabled virtual assistants to become increasingly intelligent and useful.

Almost one-third of the 3.5 billion searches performed on Google every day are voice searches now, with personal assistant devices leading the way.

Voice search differs from the typical desktop or mobile search. When you open Google on your browser and type in your search query, you’ll see hundreds of pages of search results. It’s not that hard to be one of them.

When you ask Siri a question, it will give you just a few results. More often than not it will only give you one result. If your website is one of them, the CTR can potentially be much higher. However, it needs to be there in the first place. Therefore, tailoring your SEO strategy for voice search is crucial.

Ways you can do this is to make your search phrases more conversational and less like written terms. Often written searches are just keyword bundles.

2. Chatbots and AI are here to stay

Chatbots help brands improve customer service while keeping a lid on budgets. Chatbots are quicker than humans in giving any data-related answers and taking requests. They have humor and personalities and offer personalized service to any customer in need, any time.

Chatbots can be integrated with a website, an application, and even with a social media platform. They also gather user information that can later be used to better tailor marketing strategies.

According to Grand View Research, the global chatbot market is reaching $1.2 billion with a 24 percent annual growth rate. And the research also found that 45 percent of end-users prefer using them as a primary mode of communication in customer service.

It’s estimated that in the next 5 years, approximately 80% of business communications with customers will be performed through bot messengers.

With the chatbot market on the continual increase, it is important for businesses to see how they can integrate it into their strategy. May it be a simple customer service assistant or even a way of promoting features and offers, now is the time to get the technology in place.

There is, of course, the heavy use of AI and machine learning in these systems but I will come to that later on.

3. AI and machine learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have driven increasingly more efficient data analysis, making it easier for marketers to deliver hyper-personalization to their customers, including content personalization and unique journeys.



In 2021, we expect to see more marketers set up predictive lead scoring, deploy complex trigger-based campaigns, and invest in greater depths of dynamic content to serve customers at every phase of the user journey.

What it all comes down to is personalization. Rather than rely on a marketer’s manual effort to create different experiences for groupings of people, machine-learning algorithms provide a scalable way for marketers to create unique experiences for individuals.

With machine learning, instead of giving the computer lots of rules to follow, we’re programming it to learn everything it can about a person and select the experience most likely to appeal to that person. And for machine-learning personalization to be most effective, marketers should be able to build their own “recipes” that tell the computer what types of information to consider when determining someone’s digital experience.

A customizable recipe begins with the selection of one or more pre-programmed based algorithms. These algorithms can be simple, such as displaying items that are trending or recently published, or they can be more advanced, like collaborative filtering or decision trees.

Coupled with chatbots, machine learning can do this. Imagine the possibilities!

4. Video is still going to be at the top of the tree

Video is still winning the race of most successful medium of marketing in 2019 and this is set to continue into 2021. This makes sense, because the average attention span of consumers is short, and most people would rather watch a video than read a blog post.

Live video has been a large factor in marketing because it directly connects engaged consumers to products and services. If you want to catch consumer attention then you will most likely find them on social media. Platforms like Facebook Live have given marketers the opportunity to be in the face of their target market.

Next year, live video feeds will continue to explode, but the important aspect going forward will be originality. Interactive video and imaginative video marketing that encourages user engagement will quickly outpace video for the sake of moving pictures. Consumers become bored quickly — brands that use video to engage and excite users will win.

The importance of video cannot be understated according to Hubspot. Simply adding a video to an email boosts the click-through rate by a staggering 200–300 percent, and putting one on a landing page increases the conversion rate by 80 percent.

So make sure you don’t fall behind in the video arena. In almost every area of marketing, it outperforms other mediums. Look at your business activities and work out the best way to get video marketing incorporated into your strategy.

5. Choose your reality: AR or VR

These two have taken a bit of time to hit the big leagues but there is significant evidence that they are about to. For those that do not know: Augmented reality is imagery/video layered on top of reality whereas virtual reality is a completely generated reality through the use of a head-mounted device.

There are many inventive ways in which marketers can use them to make a more visceral experience for consumers. It ties into the video perfectly but hands the control of the video to the user. It makes for an immersive experience and immersion is a surefire way to connect to a consumer through a range of senses and emotions.

Businesses are already embracing the power of this new technology in creating brand awareness, as well as in selling individual products. IKEA, for example, has been using VR gaming technology since 2016. With its shopping app, IKEA VR Experience, its customers can try out different IKEA solutions before buying them. Other big players that have experimented with AR include Nivea, Starbucks, and Volkswagen.

How to make these work for you

I have shared a lot of different trends to expect to see in 2021 here and I wouldn’t expect a single business to implement them all at once. It is important to look at competitors and similar industries to see what they have done in these areas.

Be good at something instead of OK at lots of things so concentrating on one of these areas would be a better use of funds and time. This is not to say just pick the coolest sounding or one you most enjoy yourself. If it doesn’t have a place in your marketing strategy then you would be wasting funds if you plow funds into something that won’t resonate with your target demographic.

Do prudent research to see if your target market is interested in AR before investing in it. Video is expensive but it is far cheaper than the likes of AR and VR. You may also find to incorporate a voice chatbot into your CRM so don’t just put one in for the sake of it.

Always think, can I make this work for my business and then go from there.

Jonas Tellis of Birmingham Explains: How to Get an Adult High School Diploma

While it may be hard to show the intrinsic value of education, there are many other ways that it has manifested. Statistics by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics show that education attainment can favor an individual in the job market. In this article, Dr. Jonas Tellis of Birmingham, Alabama explains how to get an adult high school diploma.

Jonas Tellis has spent years as the coordinator of marketing and recruitment for Graduate Studies at Alabama A&M University. Jonas Tellis, a native of Birmingham, Alabama. He is the CEO of Tellis Educational Services and serves on its board of directors.

“Adults with high school diplomas can get weekly earnings of up to $712, whereas persons with less than this get an average of $520 weekly. The higher your education qualifications, the higher your income. In fact, people with a higher level of education are less likely to stay unemployed.” Jonas Tellis stated.

“Investing in your studies is worth it. For this reason, I founded Tellis Education Services to help adults to get high school diplomas. Adult school programs have been instrumental in assisting adults in catching up with education and improving their living standards.” Jonas Tellis added. 

Many people didn’t get the chance to complete high school years back, whether from distractions or influence outside their control. Adult education classes could help you earn a high school diploma.

How to get an adult high school diploma

1. Reach out to an adult education provider

Talking to adult education providers like me would be an excellent place to start. An adult education provider will be in an excellent position to advise you on the options available. You will be given an in-depth insight into the two main options available for continuing education for adults. 

“That is taking a high school equivalency test and attending an adult high school. An education provider will help you understand what to expect from the two options. At Tellis Educational Services, we are a fully accredited 8-week high school diploma program focused on providing Birmingham adults with the tools they need to further their education.” Said Jonas Tellis.

2. Evaluate the legitimacy of the program

Some learning institutions sell fake credentials to learners. To avoid falling victim to this, look for schools that offer legitimate diploma programs and certificates. There are several state agencies that you can use to assess the legitimacy of the adult diploma programs.

3. Consider the costs

One of the issues that lead to learners halting their studies is financial constraints. You need to evaluate if pursuing an adult high school diploma will fit your financial plans. Look whether there are scholarship opportunities for the program. Consider if the program schedule provides flexibility for taking part-time jobs.

“Look whether the tuition fees is also affordable to you. Will the living expenses incurred in the process fit your financial plans? At this point, you can look at the transport and accommodation costs around the school.” Explains Jonas Tellis.

4. Check if the school fits your academic aspirations

The high school diploma programs may vary with schools. Evaluate whether the program being offered will challenge you enough and prepare you for your majors. Before you enroll, confirm that the program’s design will meet your academic needs and help you enroll in colleges and pursue further education. 


Getting a high school diploma is beneficial for your career development. Ensure that you get a legitimate program by enrolling in a legitimate school that will provide you with the resources you need. 

Take time to research before you decide on the school to enroll in. Confirm the legitimacy of their programs and start your high school diploma journey. 

For more information on getting an adult high school diploma, visit the website of Jonas Tellis.

Eyebuydirect Vs Pereless Sunglasses Reviews


Sunglasses are an ideal item that everyone ought to own because selecting the right pair of glasses is more than simply shielding the eyes from the sun. Sunglasses will protect your eyes regardless of how cheap or expensive they might be. However, choosing the one with the right features that provide the needed protection is a must. With many options to buy sunglasses online, choosing the right vendor is even harder. In this article, we review Eyebuydirect and Pereless Sunglasses to see who offers the best shopping experience.

Basically, sunglasses are designed exclusively to obstruct direct light to an incredible level. They come in different designs for males and females. Also, it can be used during various seasons such as fall, winter, and even summer. Protection is assured because they are made with the customer’s outstanding safety in mind. As a matter of fact, everyone who loves outdoor activities should have at least a pair of sunglasses. 

To give a clear view of sunglasses’ usefulness after a thorough survey, we discovered that 83% of U.S men use sunglasses. Likewise, Statista research made it known that 88.7% of ladies out of 100% own and wear sunglasses. However, if you want to join this band, you need a sure plug to get your sunglasses. This high usage can only be for the right product. This is one of the factors that birth different sunglasses brands. To serve you and give you the right product that provides wellness to your vision.

However, to aid choice making below is the review on Eyebuydirect and Pereless Sunglasses. 

Pereless Sunglasses Review

It is no longer news that sunglasses are needed for every human, however, making the right choice is needed. Pereless sunglasses is a trustworthy brand that sells sunglasses that fits. Although it might seem rare to find a pair of reliable sunglasses that you can really trust, Pereless solves this. Their sunglasses are made available for different seasons. 

Talking about durability, they are made with long-lasting materials, thus offering a long usage. Compared to other sunglasses with a less balanced bridge; the Pereless sunglasses provide you with sunglasses that are well balanced and do not slip off your nose. If you care about the safety of your eyes, the Pereless sunglasses provide sunglasses that fit over glasses. Glasses have less UV protection, but with Pereless sunglasses, you have maximum UV protection that shields your eyes from unwanted rays. 

Likewise, their frames are scratch-resistant. They can be used for driving and even for a late-night walk. It is worth mentioning that Pereless sunglasses are not gender-biased. They have sunglasses for both males and females as well as unisex sunglasses. Perhaps you decide to take orders from their website, you get it within a few days of order. Not only this, their sunglasses are quite affordable. Honestly, there are scary stories about terrible sunglasses sold now, but the Pereless sunglasses provide more value than expected. 

Thanks to Pereless Sunglasses, you can find all needed in a sunglass without hassle or worrying.

Eyebuydirect Sunglasses Review

Another brand that does exceptionally well by giving perfect sunglasses that match your need is the eyebuydirect sunglasses. They have various that suit your preference and taste. With this eyebuydirect.com review, you would get a deep knowledge of the brand and what they offer. If you care a lot about your face and want it healthy, you will know how important sunglasses are and why you need to get one from a reputable brand. They provide sunglasses with different shapes for different faces. Also, for protection, their glasses provide optimal protection. However, to aid this, the eyebuydirect has a quiz on the site to aid your shopping. 

Also, they have specialized lenses that block nighttime rays that might affect the user’s vision. Their sunglasses are lightweight and do not inconvenience in any way. You can use them while watching television or while working on your computer. You do not have any cause to worry about because regardless of all these features, they still provide a clear vision for any time of the day. 

Final Thoughts

Considering all features mentioned above, making the right choice is made easier and simple. Moreover, all available sunglasses are extremely affordable, born out of care for individuals, and means to help protect their vision and still look classy. They have the right sunglasses that would satisfy buyers. Likewise, they are available in different colors, sizes, that suit your face. However, words can not do justice, a visit Eyebuydirect, or Pereless Sunglasses to make an order is the right step to take.

Oral Trauma and Maxillofacial Surgery Overview


Oral and maxillofacial trauma can vary from an abscessed tooth caused by a minor fall to pan-facial injuries in the setting of a polytraumatized patient involved in a car collision.

The dental expert is in charge of treating facial injuries. These specialists must be well-trained in emergency treatment, acute therapy, and long-term rebuilding and rehab – not only physically but also emotionally.

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are particularly prepared to manage and treat facial injuries due to their training, expertise, and experience. Face injuries, by definition, cause a great deal of emotional as well as physical damage to patients.

The science and philosophy of healing these injuries need specialized training that includes “hands-on” experience, and a grasp of how the therapy delivered will affect the patient’s long-term health and appearance. In this article, we learn about oral trauma and maxillofacial surgery with industry insight from Dr. Jay Johannigman.

What is Maxillofacial Trauma?

Maxillofacial trauma or facial trauma relates to any damage to the tissues or bones, primarily of the jaw and face. Car accidents, slips and falls, dog wounds, blisters, and participation in sports can all result in these sorts of harms. The following are examples of common traumatic injuries to the face:

  • Orbital or ocular (bones surrounding your eyes) fracture
  • Cheekbone fracture
  • Jaw fracture
  • A fractured brow
  • Nose fracture
  • Dental injuries, such as broken or missing teeth
  • Fractures in the bone that surrounds your teeth
  • Tumors, etc.

What Are Soft Tissue Injuries?

Suturing is used to treat soft tissue wounds such as gashes on the cheek. Aside from the apparent issue of giving the greatest cosmetic outcome possible, attention is paid to inspecting for and treating damage to the area such as facial nerves, oropharynx, and salivary ducts, or outflow channels.

Bone Injuries in the Facial Region

Cracks of the face’s bone fragments are treated in the same way as breaks of other areas of the body are. The precise manner of therapy is influenced by several criteria, including the location of the fracture, the extent of the fracture, the patient’s age, and overall health. Whenever an arm or leg is shattered, a cast is frequently used to support the bone and facilitate normal healing. Because a cast cannot be applied to the face, different methods of stabilizing facial fractures have been devised.

For some upper and/or lower jaw injuries, one of these possibilities is to wire the jaws together. Other forms of jaw fractures are effectively treated and sustained by surgical implantation of tiny metal plates at the affected spot.

“Facial fractures should be treated in a comprehensive and predictable way. More essential, the patient’s physical features should be impacted as little as possible. Every effort is made to access the facial bones using the fewest incisions possible. Simultaneously, any incisions that are required are planned to be tiny and, where feasible, are positioned such that the resulting scar is covered.” Stated Dr. Jay Johannigman.

Injuries in the Dental Region

Independent dental injuries are fairly prevalent and may need the knowledge of several dental professionals. Oral surgeons are typically involved in the treatment of fractures in the underlying bone as well as the transplanting of teeth that were misplaced or knocked off. These sorts of fractures are addressed with one of many splinting methods, i.e., stabilizing by wiring or bonding teeth together. If a tooth is knocked out, put it in saltwater or milk. The sooner the tooth is replaced in the dental socket, the higher its chances of survival.

The effective treatment of facial wounds is now the domain of professionals trained in emergency medical care, acute therapy, long-term repair, and client therapy.

About Jay Johannigman

Jay A. Johannigman, M.D. is a military trauma and critical care surgeon based in Texas. He is the Chief Medical Officer for Knight Aerospace based in San Antonio. Dr. Jay Johannigman has over 38 years of experience in the medical field and is the former director of the University of Cincinnati Medical Center for nearly two decades. As a member of the United States Army Reserves, Dr. Johannigman taught at the F. Edward Hebert School of Medicine in the department of surgery.