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Sofia von Hauske’s Work and Play Design

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It is always thrilling to find designers who design and build objects that are innovative and functional. These are artists who improve one’s quality of life with their ergonomic solutions. In designing and building, they are inclined to be social, cultural, and historical sensitive. Most of all, they adapt to technological advances and global needs. They have a desire to continuously improve objects that they see. If they see the absence of something, they materialize it. Industrial designers, they are called. At NY Art Life, we believe in highlighting artists who have a significant influence on the caliber of the work produced and the rich culture that is present in New York.

One of the artists that is changing the game is Sofia von Hauske, an industrial designer. Originally from Mexico City, she moved to New York when she was 16 years old. Although she initially wanted to be a heart surgeon, she is killing it at industrial design. From being a semifinalist in the Walt Disney Imagineering Competition in 2019 to receiving several awards for her personal projects in various events. Aura, a night light that works as a symbol that a kid is not alone at night, received a NewStar Award for the C-Idea Design Award in 2021. It also got an Honorable Mention Award in the Loop Design Awards 2022. In doing the project, she learned that children who have nighttime fears get less and poorer quality sleep. She wanted to mitigate this concern. In the hopes of ensuring kids get a healthy sleep quality, she created Aura. She was also an exhibitor at Wanted Design 2016, where she exhibited her project, Mälmo. In 2019, her project, Pulso, got an Honorable Mention Award at the London International Creative Competition.

ATLASON studio was the beginning of her industrial design career as she helped main designers with the research, concept design, and development of the studio’s clients as an intern. Sofia has developed outstanding skills in Adobe Creative Cloud, 3D Modeling, 3D Rendering, Prototyping, and Digital Photography. In 2017, she was an in-house designer for JCB Haus. In this studio, she assisted the director in designing and building props or sets necessary for client shoots and personal projects. After that, she was an industrial designer under the research and development team of Glo Science. Sofia also taught how to represent thoughts visually using Canva, a graphic design platform, under the Girls Write Now program from November 2019 to June 2020. Afterwards, she was an industrial designer for Tangible Creative for almost three years.

Her Personal Projects

Coming from a family with an artistic background, Sofia has a brother who creates art through food and another brother who creates art through UX design. In connection, she frequently considers creative items that she believes might be useful to people. This is what motivates her to work on her personal projects. In 2017, she conceptualized a kitchen sink strainer. Branquia, as she called it, is intended to collect even the smallest particles of food without clogging. It is inspired by the filter-feeding filtration system of Manta Rays. Moreover, the strainer keeps the user away from coming into contact with food scraps.

In 2020, she created a chair called Punto. Designed with versatility in mind, Punto is made out of a basic tube frame and a replaceable seat that sits on top of it. The seat can precisely fit within the frame thanks to the two front legs extending beyond it. It gives the user a seamless surface to sit on. In the same year, she pioneered a device that alerts people when there is a fire in the building. Through a carbon monoxide sensor, FUNDAMENTAL fire essentially measures the CO levels in its immediate vicinity. In 2021, she also came up with Palermo. It is a dining chair idea developed from material exploration. She came up with the concept to highlight the beauty of rattan.

Sofia has expressed coming to the realization of her work’s core after changing her focus a few times throughout the years. She said that play has always been at the heart of her work. Currently, she is an industrial designer at Friends of. Because it is a small company, she has a lot of opportunities to actively participate in all stages of the design process that they do. Her greatest source of motivation for doing what she does is her curiosity.

Sofia’s Career Highlight

One of Sofia’s career highlights is leading projects for CAMP, a toy store that offers family experiences. Working with CAMP has helped her solidify her talents as a designer. Firstly, she developed a silicone bracelet that holds a sensor to collect coins for the whole Cosmic CAMP experience. Next, she also made a silicone bracelet for The Star Trek: Prodigy Experience at Cosmic CAMP. In designing and making, she imagines the thrill of excitement that others might feel when they see the products.

Sofia is a huge Disney fan. Being able to design and develop projects for Disney was a dream come true because it combined her interests. She became the lead designer for Disney’s Mickey & Friends X CAMP: An Extra Big Adventure. This is where she developed a Shrink Ray, a Shrink Ray Bag, Transponders, and Microchips for the whole experience. Last but not least, she developed a Magical Candle for the Disney Encanto X CAMP experience. She has a liking for objects that entice one to press buttons. With that said, she feels accomplished for the work she has done for CAMP’s collaboration with Disney.

Sofia takes pride in her profession as her work helps kids have a meaningful experience. She is passionate about how youngsters never cease to be wonderstruck.

At the same time, she is glad to nurture her creativity while doing it. She continues to hone her imagination through comics and movies, and also through finishes and textures. Currently, she is also a member of the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), a non-profit membership organization that promotes the practice and teaching of industrial design.

At present, Sofia is occupied with doing both work projects and personal projects. Helping people who want to turn their ideas into reality is her raison dêtre. With her abilities and expertise, there is no doubt that Sofia von Hauske will dominate the industrial design field.

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