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One Company Is Set To Pioneer Technology For The Senior Health Care Market – MetAlert

As the elderly population continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, companies are stepping up to provide innovative solutions that address the unique needs of this demographic. MetAlert is one such company (OTC: MLRT), and it is driving its growth strategy through groundbreaking technologies, such as RoomMate and SmartSole plus.

RoomMate is a 3D Infrared fall detection automated monitoring system that allows for a total ‘anonymized’ supervision and monitoring service using Infrared 3D Technology. With over 5,500 Roommates’ in operation in 220 municipalities across Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland, MetAlert will immediately begin marketing and distributing the product, and monitoring service in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. Some of the Remote Patient Monitoring – Roommate use cases and benefits include: Fall prevention and detection; Detecting behavior that leads to falls; Reducing staffing requirements; Improving security; Anonymized supervision; increased patient safety; Home care – long-term discharged patients; Care homes – memory care Assisted living – more freedom Hospitals – especially post-op wards or high-risk areas such as ICUs.

MetAlert has ambitious plans to penetrate these high CAGR projected markets, and it is well-positioned to become a dominant player in the growing Senior and Home Care market. MetAlert presents a compelling opportunity for stock investors to invest in a company with a strong track record of innovation and a bright future ahead. A partnership with the Sensio Group further strengthens MetAlert’s position in the market and reinforces its commitment to providing innovative solutions for seniors and those who care for them. 

With RoomMate, MetAlert is helping seniors feel safe and secure while still getting independence. In a world where safety can be hard to come by, it’s an invaluable service. Investing in MetAlert could be a tremendous opportunity. Metalert has plans for a future up-listing on the NASDAQ.

MetAlert – (OTC: MLRT)

Disclaimer Statement: This article is strictly the author’s opinion. All stocks involve risks and the possibility of losing all your investments. Please consider all risks before investing and consult an investment advisor if you lack experience. The article was provided and paid for by Strategic Innovations First, who the companies mentioned paid for social media and research information. The companies have not approved or endorsed this article.

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